Knit Fabric Backing

The application of our knit fabric backing to a primary fabric is beneficial in many instances and a true necessity in others. This process is most often utilized when a fabric is to be upholstered or placed in service as a drapery.

Our process improves tear strength, dimensional stability and durability. In the upholstery setting seam slippage is significantly minimized. This is all accomplished while retaining good drape and a “soft hand”.

Film to Fabric Lamination

Our process fuses a matte finish protective film to your fabric. This is our most robust level of fabric protection. When your objective is to have a fabric surface that is low maintenance and easily wiped clean with a mild detergent or just a damp cloth, this is the answer. This protection can also be applied to the back side to provide a moisture barrier only while retaining the fabric’s original appearance. In some instances our clients will choose to laminate both sides for extra protection.

Fabric laminated with our proprietary film formulation has been utilized in industry, institutional, craft and home throughout the US and Canada for over 20 years.

Laminated Tablecloths

We laminate your fabric, then cut and sew to your specified dimensions in order to provide a custom low maintenance table top for restaurants and institutional use.